This Teachable School was created by author and speaker Camillo Loken. It contains different courses (both free and paid) and they are based on his insight and knowledge about body, mind and soul and The Bigger Picture of Reality.

For more than a decade he´s been a spiritual seeker with a dedicated passion to really understand how this Universe operates and how that understanding can help people get better lives. A need to make a ripple and make a difference in the world has been a strong driving force.

Camillo has been on a long quest to find answers to big questions in life - questions like:
  • Who are we?
  • What are we doing here?
  • Where do we come from?
  • Where are we going?
And he has been eager to find answers to why some people are extremely successful while others fail even though they all seem to work equally hard.

Camillo found answers showing him how anyone can change their lives by understanding how the body, mind and soul work together. When you see The Bigger Picture of Reality you will discover how to play and enjoy “the game” we call Life. It´s like finally being handed the manual or instruction handbook on how to become a Conscious Creator of Your Own Reality. You become a Master of The Laws of The Universe.

Camillo grew up in a family of physicians and atheists in Fredrikstad, a small town in Norway. Later on in life he had an “awakening” which totally changed his life. He left a secure and good paying job as a Senior Product Manager in one of the biggest companies in the pharmaceutical industry to embark on a journey to seek the truth about creation. He followed his heart – his passion – his intuition.

On his quest to find answers to the big questions in life Camillo met, interviewed and also worked with some incredible insightful people. He had the pleasure to meet and exchange information with professors in Quantum Mechanics and Psycho-energetic Science and other scientists. And he interviewed highly successful people: actors, artists, multi-millionaires, a successful Hollywood director and more.

His journey also led him to meetings with people with near-death experiences, famous psychics and mediums, channelers and shamans. The more he looked into the secret of life the more he could see the bridge between science and spirituality.

In the image-gallery below you can see the different people Camillo met, interviewed and/or worked with on his quest find answers to the big questions in life.

In 2015 Camillo joined forces with Rares Ilea who is a graphical designer, video producer and CEO of Nuvo Creative Studio to create one of the courses - The 5 Step To Master Your Life. Rares´s wife Manuela, Creative Director of Nuvo Creative Studio, also joined the team as did a good friend of Rares – Ciprian Pascu known as YAN. He is a top photographer and 3D artist who has produced some stunning 3D animations for the 5 Step Program.