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Are you ready to achieve your heart’s desire?

Whether you are seeking to find financial stability, a new career you love,
your health, or seeking your one true love... you’re going to
 get it when you follow this
simple 5 step process!

This program will show you how to unlock your subconscious mind so you can start receiving
abundance in your life.

It will help you remove blockages you have carried with you since childhood. You’ll be inspired,
and you’ll understand that no matter who you are or where you come from, unlimited abundance
is just a mind shift away.


Anyone can transform their life and prosper...
just like the caterpillar turning into
a beautiful butterfly...
or the pawn reaching the opposite side of the chessboard
and turning...
into a Powerful Queen! And you can get started today.

You’re going to discover the secret to how the Universe operates and how it can
help you transform and prosper through 5 simple steps.

This secret will excite you as you see the world in a whole new way...

You’ll learn the truth path to achieving what you want 
and exactly
what to do so you can finally achieve your dreams!

And It doesn’t matter...

How many times you’ve failed and given up in the past ..
With this program you can finally turn your life around because you will be given
access to a life-changing model of this world you probably haven´t seen before.

As scientists now know everything in the Universe can be broken down to energy, frequency
and vibration including you an me.

This program will show you how you live in a sea of energy and how you are supposed to navigate to get what you want in life.

You will be shown a scale of frequency model which will easily help you find out where
on the scale you are a
nd what you must do to increase your frequency to higher levels helping
you manifest what you want much, much faster.

As a personal development coach, author and speaker I’ve helped many people
use the 5 step program (with the frequency model) to change their lives.

And I want you to know I’m here to help you do the same.

I´m sure this is very different 
from anything else you have ever tried or seen before.

Why do I know that?

Because it’s based on the Bigger Picture of Reality...
and that simple fact is
this is what makes this work other personal development programs fail.

My 5 Steps To Master Your Life Program covers ALL ASPECTS of who you are:


This program will change your life as John Fergusson-Batte, Audie Felicie and Gloria Hamilten discovered.

As John said:
"This is an excellent course and well worth studying. Prepare yourself for the most important journey you will ever undertake. Don’t hesitate, it will completely change your life.”

Yes it does change your life as it did for Audie and Gloria too:

"This course has changed me, the way I see things and think. Now my life is moving very fast. Thank you so much". - Audie Felicie

"This course is exactly what I was looking for. Yes, it does change your life. If the whole of society would follow this course we would have the type of world we all desire. We would all realise that we can live in harmony and peace, that no one is better than another and that we are all one on this beautiful Planet". - Gloria Hamilten

I helped John, Audie, Gloria and many, many more change their lives for the better and I can do the same for you.

I’m here to help you let go of your fears, take back control of
 your life and figure out
what you really want...and not only that...
I’ll give you the personal power to change for the better!

Because when you stop letting fear control you and instead...
you make the conscious choice
to go after what you dream...
whatever you want in life can begin coming your way...

And the path to getting what you want... is right here!

Look no further. This 5 Steps Program is all you need.

This program is a real time saver. No more guessing on what works. No more research to find our what you have to do to succeed.

All the research and hard work is done for you so you save a ton of time looking for the best ways to become successful and reach your goals.
This is it. I spent more than 10 years doing the research and finding out what works. That means you don´t have to.

You get instant access to more than 10 years of insight and knowledge and this will help you reach your goals fast. For more than a decade I have been dedicated and passionate about finding answer to how this Universe really operates and how we are a three fold being of body, mind and soul.

Any personal development program who wants to succeed must include all these three aspect, and my 5 Step Program includes them all.

Universal Laws Govern Your Life

I will show you the Universal Laws and how they govern your way of life.

I’m here to give you the helping hand you need...
to give you the Bigger Picture of Reality
so you can...
change your life for the better... for good!

The programs will work for you as it has been tested and proved with more than 1500 people worldwide. Don´t take my word for it. Check out the testimonials. They speak for themselves.

Look no further. Your search for the most complete and comprehensive program to finally help you change your life is right here, as our students confirm:

Hi Camillo,
You have truly produced one of the best, most informative programs that I’ve ever seen!! There is absolutely nothing that I can recommend that you change. It truly was exceptional.
Kathryn Miller

With it´s 44 lessons, 35 videos, 17 audios and 19 e-books you will learn to see The Bigger Picture of Reality and how you can use this insight to change any aspect of your life.

Easy to learn and integrate

  • The lessons are easy to learn and integrate so you don't have to worry about
    not getting it.
  • You can do the program in your own pace so there' no time pressure.
  • You have unlimited access to all the content online so you can access it with any device - anywhere.
  • If you follow the instructions in the program you will soon see positive changes in your life so you don't have to worry about waiting forever to see results.
  • You are not alone. We´ve got you covered. If you have any questions along the way we are here to help you on your transformational journey.

See What Other People Have To Say...

I would recommend this course to all of humanity…as a spiritual life coach the information in this course has increased and added to my knowledge and understanding of consciousness and I feel better able to help my clients too. Thank you from my heart.
- Julia M. Bellucci, Spiritual Life Coach

An excellent course and well worth studying. Camillo delivers easy to understand commentary and is always prompt at answering any questions you may have. Prepare yourself for the most important journey you will ever undertake. Don’t hesitate, it will completely change your life.
- John Fergusson-Batte

A course that makes complete sense of who we are in our relationships to each other and the universe. A real eye opener!!!
- Devin DeAngelo

This course was as real as it gets. With solid information. Camillo thoroughly explained EVERYTHING. Retouched on prior chapters to pull everything together, and rehashed where it was necessary to grasp the idea he was trying to reiterate, because it is a very deep topic. He explains everything and more in this course, and I don’t feel like I’m watching some corny movie. I learned something truly priceless. He does speak like a well educated professor. I´m feeling REALLY blessed.
Suzie Ritz

This course was electrifying and very informative!!! This is the course you want to take if you wish to achieve your maximum capabilities in life. Camillo explains things in a descriptive and metaphorical manner, allowing for easier understanding. He delivers a clear explanation for a lot of the things I have experienced in life through my own experiences as well as introducing me to many more new ideas and concepts that I didn’t know existed. If you wish to grow as a human being and achieve something greater than what you never thought to be imaginable you need to incorporate these ideas into your life.
Cody Michael Mann

I have been searching for this kind of teaching for a long time. There is so much out there that you don’t know what’s right. I believe I have found what I’ve been searching for, I can feel it, that this teaching is truth. My two sons are going to take this course next. Thank You Camillo.
- Rita Thompson

Get Started With Step 1 Now For Just $19

You can get started right now with Step 1 for just $19. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk on your part. Check out step 1 and if you like to continue with the rest of the steps we´ll show you how.

STEPS 2 - 5
If you want to check out the extensive and comprehensive list of content for the rest of the steps (steps 2-5) please CLICK HERE. You´ll also see the different payment options available.


Passion is one of the most important traits in order to succeed and reach your goal(s), as The 5 Step Program will show you. The most successful people in the world come from passion. They have found their purpose because passion is the mission.

But what if you are "passion-challenged"?

What if you don´t know what your purpose is?

Is it possible to find your purpose and ignite that inner passion-flame? Yes, it is.

In Step 1 of this program you get access to a "Finding Your Purpose Report" containing an easy exercise you can do to help you became more aware of what your passion and purpose is.


Self-confidence is necessary for success. You must be confident in yourself and in your ability to achieve success.

But how do you go about becoming self-confidence if you hold a negative self-image or if you think you´re not good enough?

How do you boost your self-esteem?

In Step 1 of this program you´ll find the answer. You get access to the e-book "How To Develop Your Self Confidence Leading To Success" explaining how to go about this.

Your Instructor

Camillo Loken
Camillo Loken

Camillo Loken is an Author & Speaker in the self-development field with a speciality in bridging science and spirituality. He has published several books and held hundreds of talks and seminars. Many years ago he quit his secure job to follow his passion. For more than a decade he´s been on a quest to find answers to the big questions in life: who are we? where do we come from? and what are we doing here?

He´s been passionately dedicated to really understand how this Universe operates and how this can help people get better lives. It´s been a quest to see how the body, mind and soul all work together to produce the results we get in life.

On his quest he met, interviewed and also worked with some incredible insightful people: Professors in quantum mechanics and psycho-energetic science and other scientists, highly successful actors, artists, multi-millionaires, a successful Hollywood director and more.

His journey also led him to meetings with people with near-death experiences, famous psychics and mediums, channelers and shamans. As a result the bridge between science and spirituality became very clear to him.

In this program he´s revealing the answers he found on how to change your life. It all boils down to 5 steps. If you follow these 5 steps you will become a conscious creator of your own reality. You will become A Master of Your Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that this program will help me change my life?
It's been tested and proven with 1510 students from 80 countries. The average rating is 4,8 out of 5 stars. The testimonials speak for themselves. If you follow the instructions laid out in our 5 step program your life has to change. It's the law as you soon will find out when you join.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
Lifetime access. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If, for any reason whatsoever, you’re not completely satisfied, simply let us know within 30 days and you’ll receive a full and total refund. Absolutely no questions asked.
Where can I find information about the rest of the steps (steps 2-5)?
After completing step 1 you can choose to continue with the rest of the steps (steps 2-5). Please go here: https://5steps.teachable.com/p/step-2-5 if you want to check out the extensive and comprehensive list of content for step 2-5 as well as the different pricing options. Please Note: This FAQ section might not make the link clickable. So just copy it and paste it into your browser.


It´s a fact that only 1 out of 10 people succeed. 90 % fail. Why?

Because they are missing out on the Bigger Picture of Reality. Few people have discovered the true secret to how this Universe operates.

However, after completing the program you will be among the elite few with insight and knowledge about the rules to this game we call life.

You will shift your energy, frequency and vibration to create abundance and positive experiences in all areas of your life.

Whether you are seeking to find financial stability, a new career you love, restoring your health, or seeking your one true love...…you’re going to see how you can acquire this new life.

You will become a conscious creator of your own reality. A Master of Your Life.

You are now at a crossroads...

You can take the high road to wealth, prosperity 
and everything you’ve ever dreamed...

Or... You can continue to live your life just the way it is now staying stuck and wishing and hoping for SOMETHING to change...

You know NOTHING WILL CHANGE unless you take action..

Get started now for just $19.

A letter from Camillo

- Founder of The 5 Steps To Master Your Life Program

We´ve misunderstood the recipe for success for the last 400 years

When I grew up I was told that the recipe for success was all about working hard and never giving up. My father worked hard all his life as a physician and had some decent success so he swore to this “work hard” recipe. So, like my father I too worked hard and I did it for almost 40 years.

But did it pay off? Did I achieve any success worth mentioning? No

No matter how hard I worked I didn´t reach my goals. It was really, really frustrating.

You know, if hard work was really the true recipe for success so many more people would become successful because many people work very hard. So, if someone works really hard for a long time and still does´t make it we usually blame bad luck or coincidence.

We´ve been told for almost 400 years that what we think has no influence on our reality. All the way back in the 16th century the French philosopher Rene Decartes split mind from body saying that the mind has no influence on the physical reality. It doesn´t belong in the realm of the physical world. In other words, what you think will not have any impact on your results in the physical reality.

It took my 10 years of dedicated research to find out that this is very far from the truth. It´s a big misconception about how the world really works.

Since we live in a physical reality we´ve been told that “matter is all the matters” and that life is governed by chance and coincidences and the only way to succeed is through hard work. I´m here to tell that it´s not.

I went on a 10 year long quest to find the deep-rooted mechanisms for success and I found them. What I realised is that they way we think (and feel) has a big impact on our reality and the results we get. It´s now even proven in scientific studies. The power of your intention is incredible ( step 1 of the 5 step process).

In the 5 Step Program I show you everything I found. How your thoughts and feelings are precious tools to create your reality. How everything is energy and how you can navigate in this “energy world” to get what you want.

You´ll see The Bigger Picture of Reality and you´ll learn how certain Universal Laws govern your life. I´ll show you how to work WITH these laws so your life will start to flow.

I´ve seen how using the 5 step process changes lives. It has changed my own life and the life of my wife, son and daughter as well as the lives of all the students who took action and embarked on this 5 step journey. It can do the same for you. If you follow the instructions laid out in this program your life will change. It has to. It´s the law.

Please also remember. You´re not alone. I, or someone on the team, will personally respond to any question you might have during your 5 Step Journey. So, there´s no worry about getting stuck or not knowing what to do.

Nothing in your life will change unless you take action. The Law of Action is one of the Universal Laws I cover in the 5 Step Program.

So take action and get started today!

Hope too see you “on the other side”.

All the best,

Camillo :)

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